Vision and Belief


“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.”~Helen Keller



At UC, we know the truth of history is clear: the three tenets of decentralization, federalism, and a high moral tone are what made possible our nations exceptional place in history as a beacon of Liberty. It is our families, our places of worship and our local communities that must be empowered and provided support wherever possible to reclaim their rightful place as supporters of the national constitution. At UC, we seek to advance an understanding of the importance of individual virtue to the underlying strength of the state and nation. We envision a renewed faith and the spirit of confidence in the power of the transcendent that has led generations of Americans to accept personal responsibility, for themselves and the well-being of those around them.

We seek to remove the suffocating grip of government regulation, no matter the originating source or reasoning, that has caused the slow withering of once vibrant communities and the destruction of individual character by reducing the incentive of our people to develop their unique talents and strive for something better and more meaningful.



  • The forming of the specific American tradition of religious expression is a source of decentralization of power and human freedom unique in all of history and is a result of circumstances aligned by Divine Providence.
  • That the moral and virtuous pursuits of the free individual when influenced by familial, religious and communal bonds result in human flourishing which leads to human happiness;
  • That individual pursuits kept in check by these influential social bonds are manifested in the distinct American balance of order and freedom of conscience;
  • That individual pursuits, so undertaken, lead to a more healthy and more civilized society when influential social bonds are also the primary source of education and stewardship.
  • That this distinct balance is threatened by malevolent forces under the guise of reason that pressures the individual through manipulation to reject the influential social bonds and his or her own true spiritual nature and intuitive insight.
  • That these destructive forces are aligned today like never before in support of the harmful promotion that the power of government can best manage the challenges to society and perfect humanity if the unique balance of individual conscience, individual pursuits, and influential social bonds is no longer viewed as comprehensible.
  • That these malevolent forces embody and actively promote a perversion of the American founding, a rejection of Truth, and the individually and socially damaging adoption of the falsehoods of materialism, greed and manipulation


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