Sign the Petition: Help Save Our State Flag, Tell Roger Wicker He is Wrong Again

Monday, April 24, 2017 – By an overwhelming majority, the voters of Mississippi voted to keep our state flag.  But sadly, some of our state’s elected leaders have no respect for the wishes of Mississippians. Sen. Roger Wicker is one of those leaders.  He proudly stands with the Democrats and demands that it’s time for […]

Republicans Cave to Lobbying Pressure, MS State Senate Passes Bill Providing for Massive Government Overreach

Republicans have campaigned for years to reduce the size and scope of government’s reach. For years, the Republican platform has championed limited government. For decades, Republican politicians have promised not to empower bureaucrats and the agencies they control, especially the Federal IRS and Mississippi’s Department of Revenue. Evidently, the people of Mississippi have been misled. […]

Proof of Citizenship Requirement to Vote in Mississippi Elections Defeated by Alliance of Democrats and RINOS

One of our most fundamental and important rights is the right to vote. Maintaining the integrity of our elections is the only way to guarantee the stability of our Republic. To do this, we must provide for an elections process that ensures the citizens of our state and nation are the ones making the decisions […]