Purpose and Action


“Anybody can become angry – that is easy, but to be angry with the right person and to the right degree and at the right time and for the right purpose, and in the right way – that is not within everybody’s power and is not easy.”~Aristotle


The purpose of UCF is to inspire every individual to recognize that it is they who hold the keys to the unmatched and historic American freedom, and each and every individual has a distinct set of skills that is the proper source of consistent renewal and revitalization of society when used in collaboration with others.

Neither a singular focus on reform of bureaucracy nor a single-minded aim to reduce the size and scope of government influence has within it the ability to renew the spirit of Liberty evoked in the U.S. Constitution. Focusing energies on alleviating the inefficiency of government spending and mitigating the imprecision of administrative management cannot alone restore the inherited and ethical American standard of true justice in the hearts of her citizens. Renewal of the necessary intelligent and interpretive disposition will require an equally strong and balanced focus on the reform of the individual spirit of the citizenry, and a confidence in the promise of our republican form of government that comes from translating it into character. Stepping up to the challenge is more than a motion of support for principle. It is rather a confirmation of the several responsibilities we all must face, and the challenges we must rise to meet. At UCF we seek no less than to inspire the discovery of a new conviction in the timeless spirit of giving and servant leadership.



At UCF, we believe that conservatism is belief in action. It is virtue. It is courage. It is love, and it is charity. We believe that these virtues are not only made possible by adherence to natural law, but are also the work of natural law in the hearts of the people. The foundation of Liberty is fortified wherever the people give freely to others in the place they find themselves to do so, whether spiritual or physical. By doing this, our dedication to a conservatism of correct measure inspires, it gathers to us the needs we are uniquely equipped to face, and it brings closer to bear a revolution spurred by charity, trust and cooperation. This unwritten constitution, this American character, is the true source of support for the written Constitution. It is impossible for one to stand firm without the other. They are the bulwarks of a free society.

Our goal is for UCF to exist as a community of people who share this vision, who share a dedication to a lifetime of learning and collaboration, and who share a bond of commitment to become more engaging, more educated, more inspiring, more giving and increasingly more active in society as our membership grows in both number and wisdom.