Rapid Return: UC Engineers “Overwhelming” Opposition To Controversial Resolution

An overwhelming response from Ole Miss Alumni and the general public has contributed to a loss of committee support for a controversial recommendation (by ASB Senators) to the university administration. As a result, the vote originally scheduled for tonight (Nov. 29) on the resolution will reportedly be postponed. United Conservatives and Senator Chris McDaniel’s office […]

Legislators Should Act if Universities Continue Hostility Towards Free Expression.

Our colleges and universities are meant to be open to the free exchange of ideas, a place where our opinions and beliefs can be challenged but in an atmosphere of mutual respect, not a fascistic bastion that disallows honest debate. A marketplace of ideas must not include so-called safe spaces. But how can we stop […]

MCDANIEL: Is This How Self-Government Ends?

BY: Senator Chris McDaniel/MississippiPEP.com Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton were both active in the Revolutionary effort and the founding of the United States. Later they served under President George Washington, with Jefferson becoming the first Secretary of State and Hamilton the first Secretary of the Treasury. But from the republic’s inception, the two harbored opposing […]

Senator McDaniel Pens Op-Ed Calling for New Approach to Address Poverty

Senator Chris McDaniel writes in a commentary on August 30: By forcibly divesting taxpayers of the means to provide for their own needs and confiscating substantial income from society’s economically productive segments, government action hinders the creation of more opportunity for those who seek to benefit from its benevolence. The government has no capital of […]

State Bond Debt: Giving Millions To Corporations Will Not Improve Our Condition

BY: Chris McDaniel  | Mississippi PEP “United Conservatives seek to remove the suffocating grip of government regulation, no matter the originating source or reasoning, that has caused the slow withering of once vibrant communities and the destruction of individual character by reducing the incentive of our people to develop their unique talents and strive for something […]


The United Conservatives Fund (UCF) announced Thursday the addition of Don Hartness to the UCF Team. Hartness, a resident of Rankin County, will join UCF as a statewide field director and will act as outreach coordinator and point of contact for the many member and affiliate organizations across Mississippi. “The United Conservatives Fund team has […]