Higher-Order Marriage

  Progressive Myths & Christianity’s Deeper Revolution   BY: David J. Theroux Originally published to Touchstone Magazine in the January/February 2016 Issue Marriage is a universal institution of civilization. We find no human society in which marriage has not existed in some form, and virtually all marriage ceremonies historically have involved religious elements. Yet for […]

How And When The Repeal Of #Obamacare Is Likely To Go Down

Policy Analysts Watching Republicans Actions Closely, Staffers Assure Commitment To Repeal Is Ironclad. BY: Keith Plunkett | UC Staff Ramesh Ponnoru with AEI summed up in a December 16 article how Republicans would most likely attempt a quick repeal of Obamacare, while being careful to leave certain regulations in place for incoming Health and Human […]

The Unwritten Constitution Is Integral To A Decentralized Society: Personal Relationships Sustained By Moral Responsibility Encourages Local Action.

    Main Points Reviving American constitutionalism and reconstructing society require people to shoulder concrete responsibility locally. (Tweet This) It is crucial to understanding the written and unwritten constitutions to recognize the ethical import of the old American affinity for groups and associations. (Tweet This) Christianity gave succinct expression to what would become the heart […]