Sign the Petition: Help Save Our State Flag, Tell Roger Wicker He is Wrong Again

Monday, April 24, 2017 – By an overwhelming majority, the voters of Mississippi voted to keep our state flag.  But sadly, some of our state’s elected leaders have no respect for the wishes of Mississippians. Sen. Roger Wicker is one of those leaders.  He proudly stands with the Democrats and demands that it’s time for […]

CALL-TO-ACTION: Email Lt. Governor: Need Senate Vote On SB3010, ‘Internet Protection And Tax Relief’

Add Your Name To The Petition At Bottom Of Page Join fellow conservatives in united opposition to HB480, the House Bill that awaits action in the Senate for Mississippi to collect sales taxes on internet purchases. It is important that we do whatever is necessary to make future attempts to regulate the internet and tax […]

ACTION ALERT: MS Senate Passes Bill That Invites Additional Opportunities for Election Fraud

February 16, 2017 – Election integrity is paramount to sustaining a free society and viable republic. In recent years, discussions regarding the need to strengthen Mississippi’s election laws to provide for greater election integrity have increased. However, this past week with the passage of SB2687 the MS Senate moved us further away from election integrity […]

The Unwritten Constitution Is Integral To A Decentralized Society: Personal Relationships Sustained By Moral Responsibility Encourages Local Action.

    Main Points Reviving American constitutionalism and reconstructing society require people to shoulder concrete responsibility locally. (Tweet This) It is crucial to understanding the written and unwritten constitutions to recognize the ethical import of the old American affinity for groups and associations. (Tweet This) Christianity gave succinct expression to what would become the heart […]

A Petition Requesting Action From Ole Miss Chancellor Jeff Vitter . . .

United Conservatives and Senator Chris McDaniel’s office began receiving calls early on November 29 from students at Ole Miss concerned about a resolution being introduced by ASB Senators that evening.  The resolution recommended the university administration take immediate steps to make the Ole Miss campus a “formal sanctuary for undocumented immigrants, their families and related […]

Rapid Return: UC Engineers “Overwhelming” Opposition To Controversial Resolution

An overwhelming response from Ole Miss Alumni and the general public has contributed to a loss of committee support for a controversial recommendation (by ASB Senators) to the university administration. As a result, the vote originally scheduled for tonight (Nov. 29) on the resolution will reportedly be postponed. United Conservatives and Senator Chris McDaniel’s office […]

Senator Chris McDaniel Statement on MS Ed. Sec. Carey Wright’s Reversal On Transgender Bathroom Policy

Senator Chris McDaniel released the following statement regarding Mississippi Superintendent of Education Carey Wright changing her position on implementing a transgender bathroom policy in Mississippi schools “State Superintendent Dr. Carey Wright switched positions on Obama’s transgender bathroom mandate. She the announcement Wednesday morning in a brief statement, “Pending a discussion with the Mississippi State Board […]