Republicans Cave to Lobbying Pressure, MS State Senate Passes Bill Providing for Massive Government Overreach

Republicans have campaigned for years to reduce the size and scope of government’s reach. For years, the Republican platform has championed limited government. For decades, Republican politicians have promised not to empower bureaucrats and the agencies they control, especially the Federal IRS and Mississippi’s Department of Revenue.

Evidently, the people of Mississippi have been misled.

While conservatives across the country have called for the abolishment of the IRS, Mississippi Republicans have taken just the opposite approach.

To the point, why did a Republican-dominated Senate this week vote to enable the state’s Department of Revenue to serve as a debt collector for a PRIVATE ENTITY (non-profit, private hospitals)?

Yesterday, the Mississippi State Senate voted to pass HB 687. In doing so, Republicans joined arms with Democrats to strengthen the state’s taxing arm by empowering it to collect debt for private entities.

Interestingly enough, before HB 687 passed yesterday, it was defeated Wednesday by a vote of 24-23. But, was then held on a motion to reconsider.

After a long night of calls from lobbyists and special interest, the bill was brought back up for a vote yesterday. With some Senators caving to the pressure of others and sacrificing their principles by switch their votes, the bill passed by a vote of 32-16.

Now that the legislature has set this terrible precedent, how much longer will it be before other private companies hire lobbyists to pressure the government to use the Department of Revenue as a “one stop shop” for the purpose of private debt collection?

Where will this practice end?

Which companies will use the force of government to collect their debts?

Do Republicans want the power of taxing agencies to grow? Do they desire to strengthen the power of the Department of Revenue?

Do they seriously believe the government should be in the “business” of debt collection for others?

If so, we’ve moved into a new era of GOP leadership — one where the ideals of limited government and fiscal restraint have been abandoned.

Where have the conservatives gone?

To see how your Senator voted the first time, please click the link below:

And to see if your Senator was one of those switching their voting allowing the bill to pass on the second vote, please click the link below: