Proof of Citizenship Requirement to Vote in Mississippi Elections Defeated by Alliance of Democrats and RINOS

One of our most fundamental and important rights is the right to vote. Maintaining the integrity of our elections is the only way to guarantee the stability of our Republic. To do this, we must provide for an elections process that ensures the citizens of our state and nation are the ones making the decisions regarding how we, as Americas, are to be governed.

Yesterday, the Mississippi State Senate took up House Bill 467. The bill, pushed by Republican leadership, was offered to address technical changes to Mississippi’s election laws.

Before a vote was taken, an amendment was offered. Authored by Senators Michael Watson, Chris McDaniel, and Dennis DeBar, the amendment would have required persons registering to vote in Mississippi to present proof of citizenship — to prove they are American citizens.

Section 241 of the Mississippi State Constitution requires that individuals voting in Mississippi to be “citizens of the United States of America.” However, there is absolutely nothing in state statute or mandated in the voting process verify citizenship.

Put simply; nothing is being done to prove citizenship.

Currently, when a person registers to vote all they have to do is check a box on a form and sign to “self-declare” they are indeed a citizen of the United States. But, no proof is required. The amendment only asked that persons would have to provide evidence of citizenship similarly to the current process by which individuals provide proof of residency.

Despite the fact that the Mississippi Senate holds a Republican supermajority and that Republicans have long fought for election integrity, the measure was DEFEATED by a vote of 42 – 7.

Evidently, the Mississippi Senate believes that illegal aliens and citizens of other countries should participate in our elections — a clear violation of the Mississippi Constitution.

To see how your Senator voted, please see below: