Sen. McDaniel Introduces Legislation to Protect Internet Consumers and Provide Tax Relief to Businesses

February 8, 2017 – Earlier this week the Republican-led Mississippi House of Representatives passed a measure (HB 480) to collect sales tax on all Internet purchases made by Mississippians. The bill now moves to the Senate for consideration. If it becomes law, the legislation will raise taxes on hard-working Mississippians.

The measure passed due to legislators and big business special interests using scare tactics to convince Mississippians that, if we do not increase tax revenue, then there will be no funding for roads and bridges. They also argued that public safety and a potential loss of new jobs are at stake.

But it is all untrue. Mississippi has the money to meet our critical infrastructure needs — we don’t have a revenue problem, our state officials have a spending problem. Giving politicians access to more tax dollars only ensures that additional dollars are taken out of our local communities and placed in the hands of bureaucrats who will continue to waste them.

To protect Mississippi taxpayers from HB 480 and to hold members of the Republican Party accountable to its conservative beliefs, Sen. Chris McDaniel has introduced the “Internet Protection and Tax Relief Act.”

If passed, the bill would: (1) prohibit the taxing of Internet purchases, (2) prohibit the Department of Revenue from auditing taxpayers on the Internet Sales Tax or “use” tax, (3) prohibit the Department of Revenue from promulgating regulations to bypass the legislative branch, and (4) create a committee of Senators and Representatives with a specific mandate to phase out and eliminate the corporate income tax.

Instead of burdening Mississippians with increased taxes, Mississippi’s government should make the real effort to reform taxes and reduce regulatory burdens on businesses that will allow the marketplace to thrive.

Raising taxes under the premise of being “fair” is not the answer. Republicans have long known that every dollar lost in the private marketplace creates a negative economic impact for our communities. To do what is best for all Mississippians it’s time Republicans get back to fighting for this position.

When the “Internet Protection and Tax Relief Act” is assigned a bill number, we will let you know.

We will need your help to get it passed.