Mississippi House Passes Legislation to Collect Unconstitutional Internet Sales Tax

February 1, 2017 – Today, 42 Republicans joined hands with 37 Democrats to pass a tax increase. By a vote of 79 to 38, the Mississippi House of Representatives passed HB480, a measure that would force the collection of sales tax on all Internet purchases made by Mississippians.

Despite the fact that states are currently constitutionally prohibited from collecting sales taxes from retailers that do not have stores in their states, which did not stop legislators like Trey Lamar (R – Oxford) from authoring the bill.

Because the Supreme Court has not ruled on this matter and Congress has not taken action on it, many state lawmakers around the country have been growing increasingly impatient in their quest to gain access to more tax revenue. In their minds, collecting this tax allows them to claim access to millions of more taxpayer dollars without admitting that they voted for a tax increase.

But let’s not deceive ourselves. Anytime the government forces more money out of your pocket and places it into the hands of politicians; it is a tax increase. Any politician who supports such a measure supports tax increases.

Passing this bill grows the size of government in our state.   If that is not bad enough, most lawmakers have not taken into consideration the negative economic impacts that the collection of new taxes has on consumers and online small business owners.

Estimates are that collecting this tax would cost Mississippi taxpayers somewhere between $67 and $134 million annually.   As government removes more money from the pockets of hardworking Mississippians, the private sector is deprived of the capital needed to grow our local economies.

Sadly, if the bill is signed into law, the money would be placed in the hands of politicians who have already failed to adequately manage our tax dollars.   Giving government access to more of our money will not guarantee that our infrastructure or educational funding needs are addressed.

Now that this legislation has passed the House it is imperative that you contact your state senator and ask them to vote “NO” on the Internet Sales Tax.   You may reach them by calling 601-359- 3770 or you can email all at the following address: senators@senate.ms.gov.

Below is a list of how the House of Representatives voted on HB480. If your representative voted for the collection of Internet Sales Tax, please contact them, and let them know you are not satisfied with their vote. Your feedback matters!

House members may be reached by calling 601-359-3770 or by sending an email All members can be emailed at the following address: representatives@house.ms.gov.

Republicans Voting YES on the Internet Sales Tax

Shane Aguirre
Mark Baker
Toby Barker
Shane Barnett
Manly Barton
Charles Jim Beckett
Donnie Bell
Richard Bennett
Scott Bounds
Charles Busby
Larry Byrd
Lester Carpenter
Phillip Gunn
John Glen Corley
Carolyn Crawford
Scott DeLano
Bill Denny
Casey Eure
Jeffrey Guice
Greg Haney
Trey Lamar
Vince Mangold
Steve Massengill
Doug McLeod
Roun McNeal
Nolan Mettetal
Alex Monsour
Ken Morgan
Karl Oliver
Randall Patterson
Bill Pigott
Brent Powell
John Read
Rob Roberson
Margaret Rogers
Ray Rogers
Noah Sanford
Jeffrey Smith
Gary Staples
Jody Steverson
Brad Touchstone
Jerry Turner
Tom Weathersby
Jason White
Patricia Willis
Cory Wilson
Henry Zuber
Greg Snowden

Democrats Voting YES on the Internet Sales Tax

Jeramey Anderson
Willie Bailey
Nick Bain
Sonya Williams- Barnes
Edward Blackmon
Credell Calhoun
Alyce Clarke
Angela Cockerham
Oscar Denton
Deborah Butler Dixon
Tyrone Ellis
John G. Falkner
Karl Gibbs
John W.. Hines
Steve Holland
Gregory Holloway
Mac Huddleston
Abe Hudson
Jay Hughes
Lataisha Jackson
Robert Johnson
Kabir Karriem
Carl Mickens
America Chuck Middleton
David W Myers
Thomas Reynolds
Preston Sullivan
Sara R. Thomas
Charles Young
Cedric Burnett
Willie Perkins

Republicans Voting NO on the Internet Sales Tax

William Arnold
Joel Bomgar
Chris Brown
Gary Chism
Dana Criswell
Becky Currie
Dan Eubanks
Mark Formby
Andy Gipson
Jeff Hale
Ashley Henley
Joey Hood
Steve Hopkins
Stephen Horne
Chris Johnson
Bill Kinkade
Timmy Ladner
Sam Mims
John Moore
Randy Rushing
Donnie Scoggin
William Shirley
Mark Tullos
Robert Foster

Democrats Voting NO on the Internet Sales Tax

Earle Banks
David Baria
Christopher Bell
Bryant lark
Jarvis Dorth
Bob Evans
Michael Evans
Robert Huddleston
Tom Miles
Rufus Straughter
Kathy Sykes
Kenneth Walker
Percy Watson
Adrienne Wooten

Voting Present or Not Voting on the Internet Sales Tax

Orlando Paden (D)
Randy Boyd (R)
Debra Gibbs (D)
Kevin Horan (D)
Omeria Scott (D)