Call To Action: Last Chance to Pass Legislation to Stop Internet Tax Collection in MS

Pending before the Mississippi Senate is HB480, which increases the Internet sales tax. The bill has already passed in the House.

But even if HB 480 is not approved by the Senate, the taxpayers of our state will still have a problem. Why? Because the MS Department of Revenue (DOR) has already promulgated regulations that would allow it to collect the tax even without legislative action — that’s right, by circumventing the legislative process. Put simply; the new rules would enable DOR to go back into the past, audit individuals, and collect taxes on previous purchases.

Unfortunately, this move would expose the state to lawsuits seeking to overturn this unconstitutional action. Both Alabama and North Dakota have been sued for similar actions.

But there is a glimmer of hope. We still have one last chance to stop the state from pushing this tax increase.

Sen. Chris McDaniel authored SB3010, the “Internet Protection and Tax Relief Act,” which would formally put an end to any attempt, legislation or regulation, to collect the Internet Sales Tax.

If the Senate Finance Committee does not bring the bill up for a vote tomorrow (so it can then be considered by the Senate), the bill will be considered dead.

Anyone not fighting to have SB3010 come forward for a vote is supporting having this tax increase. And the people of Mississippi will suffer.


Your help is needed to bring SB3010, the “Internet Protection and Tax Relief Act” to a vote before February 22nd.

Please take the following actions to help ensure the bill moves forward.

• Call the Senate at 601-359-3770, and ask Senators to encourage Finance Chairman Sen. Fillingane to pass SB 3010 out of the Finance Committee.

• Contact Sen. Fillingane, and ask him to bring SB3010 forward for a vote. His email is or call 601-359-3246.

• Contact Lt. Governor Tate Reeves, and let him know you want SB3010 to come forward for a vote. His email is or call 601-359-3200.

• Email all members of the Senate at and ask them to support SB3010 by requesting that it be brought forward for a vote.

Please help us spread the message.