ACTION ALERT: Sen. McDaniel Introduces Bill to Protect Consumers From Internet Sales Tax and Reduce Burdens on Business Owners

February 16, 2017 – Following the passage of HB480 by the Republican-led Mississippi House of Representatives to collect sales tax on all Internet purchases made by Mississippians Sen. Chris McDaniel immediately took action and offered a measure to offset the economic damage of such a tax.

HB480 is now before the Senate for consideration. If the unconstitutional measure becomes law, it will raise taxes on Mississippi consumers and place additional burdens on small online businesses owned by Mississippians.

McDaniel’s bill, SB3010, the “Internet Protection and Tax Relief Act,” would formally put an end to HB480 and any attempt to raise the Internet Sales Tax. It has been referred to the Senate Finance Committee for consideration. Urgent action is required to move the bill forward as it faces a February 22nd deadline in the Senate.

If passed, the bill would:

(1) Stop the taxing of Internet purchases,
(2) prevent the Department of Revenue from auditing taxpayers on the Internet Sales Tax or “use” tax,
(3) prohibit the Department of Revenue from promulgating regulations to bypass the legislative branch, and
(4) create a committee of Senators and Representatives with a specific mandate to phase out and eliminate the corporate income tax.

Instead of burdening Mississippians with increased taxes, Mississippi’s government should make the real effort to reform taxes and reduce regulatory burdens on businesses that will allow the marketplace to thrive.


Your help is needed to bring SB3010, the “Internet Protection and Tax Relief Act” to a vote before February 22nd. Please, take the following actions to help ensure the bill moves forward.

• Call the Senate at 601-359-3770, and ask Senators to encourage Finance Chairman, Sen. Fillingane, to bring SB3010 forward for a vote.
• Contact Sen. Fillingane, and ask him to bring SB3010 forward for a vote. Email: or call 601-359-3246.
• Contact Lt. Governor Tate Reeves, and let him know you want SB3010 to come forward for a vote. Email: or call 601-359-3200.
• Email all members of the Senate at and ask them to support SB3010 by requesting that it be brought forward for a vote.

Please help us spread the message.