Rock Solid Conservative Measures Die on MS Legislative Calendar

February 1, 2017 – Yesterday, marked the deadline for legislation in the Mississippi legislature to be passed out of committee.  If the bills were not brought up for a vote, they “died on the calendar,” meaning the committee chairman killed the bills.

Following the 2011 election cycle, Mississippi fell under Republican control when they picked up a majority in the House of Representatives.  With control of the Governor’s office, the Senate, and the House, conservatives saw this as an opportunity to make certain that the conservative wishes of the people of Mississippi were being satisfied.

But, for the past five years, things in Jackson have not been as we had hoped.  Under Republican control we have seen record level bond spending, the size of government grow by 26%, and many bills to increase regulations, while an endless number of conservative measures have died without leadership allowing a discussion.

Sadly, this year’s legislative session was no different, and hundreds of bills advocated by conservatives have once again “died on the calendar.”

As the media continues to focus on just a few key measures — sadly, those which continue to grow government — we thought we would share with you some of the conservative measures that our Republican leaders in both the House and Senate have killed this year.

Hopefully, as more people engage in the political process and we begin to move forward with “draining the swamp,” both in D.C. and in Jackson, we will start to see more real conservative bills find success in the Mississippi Legislature.

We are monitoring legislative activity and, when all the bills have been pronounced either dead or still alive, we will share with you a few of the conservative measures that did not survive the committee process.