Liberals Ignore The Underlying Problem In Middle East.

BY: Senator Chris McDaniel

We have known the truth for eight years — Barack Obama is no friend of Israel.

In an attempt to gain traction in the never-ending struggle for Mideast peace, the administration, in its waning days, planted its flag squarely behind the Palestinian effort to supplant the nation of Israel.

History, though, is not on Obama’s side. As Golda Meir once said, “There is no such thing as a Palestinian people.” She’s correct. There is no Palestinian culture, heritage, or history. There has never been a sovereign entity known as “Palestine.”

The word “Palestine” actually came from the Romans, who destroyed the Jewish Temple in 70 AD, an act that Christ accurately predicted during his earthly ministry. Palestine was a derivative of Philistine, the archenemy of the Hebrew people, and was used simply as a way of humiliation after the Roman destruction of Jerusalem.

The disputed West Bank territory, which the “Palestinians” claim, consists of the ancient Hebrew provinces of Judea and Samaria. The City of Jerusalem, which Muslims also claim, is mentioned 806 times in the Bible – 660 in the Old Testament, 146 in the New Testament. From a biblical standpoint, it is clearly a Judeo-Christian land. It is not mentioned a single time in the Koran. So, contrary to liberal claims, Jerusalem has never been an Arab capital city or a Muslim holy city at any time and “Palestinians” have no rights to it whatsoever.

But foreign relations must be predicated upon more than religious interpretations. We should ask: who are the Palestinians, and what are their leaders’ true intentions?

The Palestinian group we know today emerged for the sole purpose of making war on Israel, surfacing after the 1967 Six-Day War in which Arabs lost control of the West Bank and, most importantly, East Jerusalem, where the all-important Temple Mount is located.

In fact, most of the so-called Palestinian people were Jordanian or Egyptian by birth. Jordan occupied the West Bank before 1967 and Egypt the Gaza Strip. There was no call then for a Palestinian homeland. In fact, only when Israel occupied both areas did it become a source of contention. In truth, the real “Palestinian State” is Jordan, which was created for that purpose.

John Kerry and others mischaracterize the dispute. For the radicals, including much of the Obama Administration, Israel is the occupier, not a legitimate sovereign nation. But history disproves them, as does international law. If there are any occupiers, it is the Arab peoples, who have no historical or religious claim on Israel, the West Bank, Gaza, and especially Jerusalem.

Despite Israel’s right to exist, Arab nations violated the UN Charter more than once in concerted attacks on Israel in 1948, 1967, and 1973. Meanwhile, “Palestinian” terrorists consistently wage war against civilians. Although Israel is the only functioning democracy in the entire region and occupies less than one percent of the Middle East, liberals believe they should get out and turn it over to its “rightful” owners, the Palestinian Arabs.

Bill Clinton attempted to broker peace in late 2000 before he left office. His plan would have turned over the West Bank and Gaza to the “Palestinians” with a capital in East Jerusalem. After Yasser Arafat had turned it down, his terrorists launched an “intifada,” or uprising, against Israel that lasted more than four years and killed more than 1,000 Israelis, most of them civilians.

Another peace deal was offered in 2008 and rejected by Mahmoud Abbas, Arafat’s successor. Israel has made concession after concession but “Palestinians” refuse to compromise and resort to violence time after time.

And now, with just three weeks remaining in his presidency, Obama helped the UN enact a resolution calling on Israel to stop “illegal” settlements in East Jerusalem and the West Bank. Such an interpretation means that as far as the UN is concerned, Israel has no rights over that part of the city including the famed Western Wall. The US abstained from voting on the resolution but could have used a veto power to stop it. Obama did not.

A few days later, Secretary of State John Kerry gave a speech outlining his vision. He said Israel could not be both Jewish and democratic as if those two are mutually exclusive. Although he tried to conceal his true intentions, Kerry called for the return to the pre-1967 borders and the division of Jerusalem, which Obama has already requested.

But a return to the pre-1967 borders would endanger the tiny state. For a lasting peace, Israel must have defensible borders. As Israeli Major General Yaakov Amidror explained, the pre-1967 borders lack minimum “defensive depth.” There is not sufficient battle space for a defensive force to redeploy and not enough space between the battlefront and the interior necessary for the Israeli army to properly protect its nation.

Like Obama, John Kerry revealed his true colors and sold out Israel just like he did our Vietnam veterans in 1971. His speech was not a path to peace but another knife in the back of Israel. Their prideful liberalism ignores the underlying problem: trouble in the Middle East is about the desire of the Arab nations and Muslims to destroy Israel; it is not about the desire for a Palestinian state.

As conservatives, we know the truth and will stand with Israel.

A good place to start would be defunding the United Nations.