When Government Begins Negotiating Directly With Private Businesses And Offering Special Incentives, That’s Spelled C-R-O-N-Y-I-S-M.

No. No. No.

Government doesn’t create jobs. Government doesn’t create jobs. Government doesn’t create jobs.

Why do Americans fall for this? And Republican’s are the worst!

A Politico poll out on Monday shows a 58 percent majority of voters “describe keeping manufacturing jobs in the country as a ‘top priority’ for Trump and the 115th Congress.”

The poll also shows that of those who believe it’s acceptable for a President and a Vice President to work with private companies, Republican’s are far and away the most goo-goo eyed over the practice (See graphic below.).

Has the GOP been playing the crony game so long now that even rank-and-file GOP voters no longer know it when they see it?

Getting government out of the way means all government; Republican controlled or Democrat controlled, it doesn’t matter. It’s all government, and all government management of the economy and jobs is to pick winners and losers. That’s not the governments job. That’s the job of the consumer.



From the Daily Wire:

Americans think that the goal of the government when it comes to the economy should be creating jobs.

There’s only one problem: that’s utterly false.

Jobs are a byproduct of generation of goods and services in a competitive market that can be exchanged in consensual fashion, making everyone better. If government “keeping jobs at home” were the top priority of an economy, rather than creating those better goods and services for cheaper, we’d all be living like peasants while being paid by the government to perform idiotic tasks. That was FDR’s policy, and it prolonged the Great Depression by nearly a decade and didn’t increase the standard of living markedly, either. The USSR had full employment. It was also a hellhole. China consistently manufactures unemployment rates of four percent or so. Where you would you rather live, the United States, or China? Venezuela maintains that its unemployment rate is currently 6.7 percent. California’s unemployment rate was 6.3 percent as of April 2015. Are these places equally prosperous? In Venezuela, citizens are currently shooting and eating dogs in the streets.

Jobs are not the sole measure of good government policy. That’s particularly true when government is skewing free markets in order to generate jobs. Yes, it’s easy to see infrastructure projects and cheer the jobs they create, as Rush Limbaugh said yesterday: “Trump does this and if there are witnessable, demonstrable results of modernization at airports you’re gonna be hard-pressed to get people to find a problem with it.” But you have to tax or borrow to fund this stuff. Those people are victims here, but we never hear from them.

And so government interventionism continues to be popular.

We should all be happy manufacturing jobs are showing signs of coming back to the country. But, let’s not forget that what will really get them back and keep them here is a consistent tax and regulatory policy, and the less of both taxes and regulation the better.