Rapid Return: UC Engineers “Overwhelming” Opposition To Controversial Resolution

An overwhelming response from Ole Miss Alumni and the general public has contributed to a loss of committee support for a controversial recommendation (by ASB Senators) to the university administration. As a result, the vote originally scheduled for tonight (Nov. 29) on the resolution will reportedly be postponed.

United Conservatives and Senator Chris McDaniel’s office began receiving calls early this morning (Nov. 29) from students concerned about the resolution. The resolution recommended the university administration take immediate steps to make the Ole Miss campus a “formal sanctuary for undocumented immigrants, their families and related community members.”

McDaniel launched United Conservatives in 2015 and has been a frequent speaker to conservative groups at Ole Miss.

“We pulled together a quick effort to reach out to our coalition,” said United Conservatives Communications Director Keith Plunkett. “We have a really good group of strong conservative students up at Ole Miss and they are doing incredible work, especially considering the hostility on campus this year.”

UC put out a ‘call to action’. Within 3 hours, several thousands conservatives had responded to the call, and tepid support for the resolution began crumbling.