UC Members: A Letter From Senator Chris McDaniel


Dear Patriot,

It has been an honor to have your support during the past few years, just as it has been an honor to fight by your side. I am forever grateful for your friendship and dedication to liberty.

With that said, I have good news to report. Our efforts are making a difference in the battle to preserve Constitutional conservatism. However, we are just getting started, and we have much to do.

The group we formed in 2014, The United Conservatives Fund, has been incredibly busy, although under the radar.

Initially, during the 2015 election cycle, we struggled to establish our foundation due to the heavy workload of key volunteers. Many of them were involved in different elections in Mississippi and therefore lacked precious time. Indeed, things became so politically engaged that our efforts to unify the base became hindered. Consequently, we were not able to move forward with some projects as quickly as I had hoped. Then, in 2016, an unfortunate divide occurred between many of our conservative friends. Our unified base became temporarily divided between major presidential contenders. But thankfully, Hillary has been soundly defeated, and things are much better now as we prepare to march forward together into the future.

Despite some obstacles, we have been successful in numerous projects.

For example, in 2016, we worked to encourage new involvement in the MS GOP Precinct and County Conventions.

For the first time in our state’s history, a well-organized conservative effort was launched to increase participation in the Republican Party’s nomination process. Using UCF resources, we held meetings around the state, prepared legal documents and trained conservatives on how to participate in the Precinct and County Conventions. Our goals were simple: first, we wanted to energize the party with the involvement of new individuals; and second, we worked to get conservatives elected.

Not only did participation surge across the state, but we were also able to help real conservatives be successful.

While, we may not have achieved every conceivable goal, we were able to influence the conversation, while creating a foundation for success at following conventions.

Another accomplishment of 2016, one that meets our greatest need as conservative political advocates, was securing a multi-faceted voter data system that finally gives us the tools necessary to compete against already established political machines. Naturally, such systems are expensive to purchase, maintain, and update with new voter data, but they are a significant advancement for conservatives across Mississippi. We can use our system in elections at any level, but also in targeting voters to help advance policy, pass petitions, or other calls-to-action. Purchasing, maintaining, and updating such a complex system would not be possible without your kind support of UCF.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

This week, we will begin consistent and detailed messaging efforts, starting with Call to Order, an electronic newsletter that will circulate on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of each week. Among other items, it will comprise the top news articles from the previous 48-hour cycle from trusted conservative sources — a much-needed weapon to fight the established media’s inherent bias against conservatives.

Beginning this week, instead of being inundated by unreliable news sources, we will guarantee conservatives are receiving accurate news, data, and information on the issues important to our movement.

Then, beginning Thursday, you should receive our first installment of The Conservative Perspective. It will be our exclusive editorial and commentary report. We will have original articles that break down the issues and discuss them regarding how they impact government, culture, economics, and related topics. Other things The Conservative Perspective will include are:

Reality Check – A “fact check” on things that have been said or done by politicians, pundits, and policymakers.
The Constitution – An analysis and discussion from the conservative perspective of an issue impacting either Constitutional breach or restraint.
On Camera – A place where we provide links to recent townhalls, speech clips or media interviews.
Other items will include suggested readings, a statistical data section, and specific “calls to action” when we need to engage the people.

Once in place, I believe this will be a tremendous resource for the movement and a great membership tool for our organization.

Lastly, a few other small changes are taking place.

This week, we will formally modify the name of United Conservatives Fund to United Conservatives. United Conservatives (UC) will be the member-led association by which we conduct our communications, build our county teams, grassroots structure, manage our voter database, conduct townhalls, and maintain and host our annual United Conservatives State Convention.
Of course, we will be keeping United Conservatives Fund (UCF). However, it will strictly be utilized as a Political Action Committee (PAC) to support candidates and campaigns that UC endorses. The two will remain completely separate entities.
During the past few months, we have established several working group committees, which are committed to updating our membership and organizational structure as well planning for our 2017 State Convention.

We have fought very hard to gain traction in our state and are making significant progress. Now, for the first time since 2014, I sincerely believe all the pieces are coming together.

We are uniting! And it is not about individuals, personalities or parties — it is about our principles as conservatives: decentralization, Constitutional federalism, and a high moral tone.

We have an historic opportunity to unite conservative leaders from different political parties and all walks of life.

In closing, I hope that you’ll continue to stay engaged with us and become or remain an active member of United Conservatives.

If we are not unified, engaged, and working together for the betterment of our state and republic, then we will not be successful. I am committed to doing whatever it takes. You have shown the same commitment, and I look forward to continuing to work with you as we move toward the 2018 and 2019 elections in our state.

In Liberty,

Sen. Chris McDaniel
Chairman, United Conservatives