Charlie Mitchell Knows Nothing About Presidential Race, Less About McDaniel-Cochran Battle In 2014.

Mississippi 2014 was not the result of an anti-incumbent backlash; it was the beginning and the turning point that fueled the Trump Train and the Cruz Crew in 2016.

But the political expert Mitchell tells us not to worry, because “looking at the math, it appears that Trump will go the way of McDaniel.” He shouldn’t risk any bets on that one.

Charlie Mitchell knows nothing about the politics of our current presidential race, and even less about the McDaniel-Cochran battle two years ago. He is an “intellectual” snob, the very class of people Spiro Agnew referred to as the “nattering nabobs of negativism.”

This latest column was designed to mangle and confuse the facts about the 2014 Senate Republican primary, attempt to smear and discredit Senator McDaniel, and try to set up the field for 2019 and beyond. But that was most probably his real intention all along.