You might have noticed that the United Conservatives Fund and Senator Chris McDaniel have been the subject of the unsubstantiated rantings of blogger Alan Lange at Y’all Politics for quite some time now.

Ryan Walters at Mississippi Conservative Daily recently spoke with UCF Director of Policy and Communications Keith Plunkett about the promotion of personal attacks and conspiracy theories at Y’all Politics.

Walters commentary discusses how Lange is unraveling at the prospect of the political establishment he has supported for years being challenged by an organization like UCF based on policy initiatives and consensus building.

“Sen. McDaniel and all of us at the United Conservatives Fund have been working hard over many months now and accomplishing goals for our membership – Common Core, Term Limits, networking conservative groups across the state, planning for events and policy initiatives in 2016, we’re on the move,” said Plunkett. “For someone like Alan with a bee in his bonnet, maybe that doesn’t sit well. I don’t know.”

While no one likes to see this type of school yard behavior from bloggers like Lange, it is a sign that the conservative message of UCF and the work on specific policy actions are making an impact. When those who have for so long used politics and politicians access to taxpayer funds as their own personal piggy bank start to get this nervous, we must be doing something right.

Read Walter’s article HERE: The Unraveling of a Blogger: The Strange Infatuation of Alan Lange