The United Conservatives Fund announced today that it is spearheading a term limits ballot initiative and that it has filed the necessary paperwork with the office of the Mississippi Secretary of State. The initiative must go through a statutory process that also involves the Attorney General before being finally approved and officially announced by the state.

“It takes about 30 days from the initial filing until we can begin gathering signatures,” said Keith Plunkett, Director of Policy and Communication with the United Conservatives Fund. “We began that process last week. Once it is approved we will start gathering the necessary signatures to present it to the state for placement on the ballot.”

Senator Chris McDaniel, Chairman of the United Conservatives Fund, says the proposed language of the initiative would limit state legislators and statewide elected officials to two consecutive terms in the same elected office.

“Unlike other term limits proposals this won’t block anyone from public service,” said McDaniel. “Our goal is to increase participation and make elective office more accessible to people who want to serve. The power of incumbency has built a wall between people and their representatives. This has caused an increase in cronyism, back room deals, and corruption. We believe regularly changing out officeholders is a step toward transcending those problems.”