(Laurel, MS)–The United Conservatives Fund (UCF) today opened the process of candidate vetting for upcoming elections by the UCF Executive Committee to the general public. Members of the organization began recruiting conservative candidates to submit their information for consideration three-weeks ago.

UCF Director of Policy and Communications Keith Plunkett said the first call went out to members weeks ago in order to give them a head start on networking among candidates.

“UCF is a member-led organization and we take that organizational principle very seriously,” said Plunkett. “Our members received instructions of how candidates could submit for the process days after the qualifying deadline. They lead this organization with their action and their ideas. They first and foremost have the responsibility of determining who are the best candidates.”

“Having given members enough time to begin the search, we now are prepared to open the process to those who are currently non-members,” he added.

Plunkett says if approved for support from the executive committee resources for candidates could come in a variety of ways thanks to the ground-up organization that was built during Sen. Chris McDaniel’s campaign for U.S. Senate in 2014.

“It’s important to stress that we are a young organization. There are only a few opportunities we will have for our executive committee to conduct face-to-face interviews, and our financial resources are not endless in these early stages. So getting in early is important,” Plunkett said. “However, assistance could come in many ways.”

“I think just about anyone recognizes that during the course of 2013 and 2014, we built an impressive organization with the McDaniel Campaign. In less than six-months we had a massive grassroots effort and a team in place to support it. That is something that conservatives didn’t have before. It is our aim to build it into an even more solid network, and use it to get like-minded people elected to public office in Mississippi.”

Candidates who would like to be considered may contact UCF by emailing directly to info@unitedconservativesfund.com using the subject line ‘Candidate Vetting’. They will receive a response with a list of required information along with instructions on how to properly submit it.