In a recent commentary written by Bill Crawford he asks a question Mississippi Conservatives have been asking for years now:

“What about all those state senators and representatives and city and county officials who converted from Democrat to Republican over the last several years? Were they impersonating Democrats before they changed? Or, are they now impersonating Republicans?

So, how is a voter to know if a politician is real or just an impersonator?”

It’s tempting to look back on some of Mr. Crawford’s past articles and point out that he had little hesitation in misrepresenting conservative principles in the past. However, it may be better to welcome that he is finally asking such a question. Maybe it’s a sign we are finally beginning to see some in Mississippi awaken from the trance they have been in over the past few years.

And maybe, just maybe, the times of blindly following a party label without concern for the stance on issues is coming to an end. It happened for many of us already.

Maybe the word ‘conservative’ is on its way back to having the meaning for Republicans as defined by Burke, Tocqueville, Kirk, Buckley, Nisbet and others; the definition our nation came to understand in the 1980’s that led to more than a decade of prosperity.

Maybe big government Republicans are going to now be less likely to play favorites and stop over-taxing and over-regulating working class families and small businesses.

Maybe some in the GOP in Mississippi are beginning to see that quantity–adding party switchers from the Democratic ranks–is not better than quality candidates who understand that communities are empowered when government gets out of the way.

Maybe. But maybe not.

The #UCFTeam isn’t going to leave it to chance. We are going to keep doing what we’re doing: organizing conservatives across the state, promoting the tenets of conservatism to a new generation of voters, and finding good candidates to replace those who speak one way and vote another.

Crawford pours on the sarcasm when he asks the State Republican Party Chairman:

“There are politicians who impersonate their commitment to party, platform, or issues!?!”

We know the answer.

We’re changing the dialogue, and that is a very good thing. We must not let up now. With just a few days left before the February 27th qualifying deadline, it is imperative that we keep up the pressure.

If you haven’t joined UCF as a monthly contributing member, I hope you’ll do so now. Every day our numbers continue to grow, not just empty additions, but real conservatives who want to make a difference in their communities.

If you are one of that number then you have a home with the United Conservatives Fund.

If you have already joined us then forward this to a friend and ask them to become a member.

Together we’re making an impact.

Thank you,
Keith Plunkett
UCF Director of Policy and Communications