Today I begin a five city tour across our state to announce the formation of the United Conservatives Fund. 

The U.S. Senate race last year was a key moment in the history of the Conservative movement in our state and across the country. The tactics used by establishment politicians to mislead the public and to win at all costs were despicable. But, they did more than attack me. 

They attacked Conservatives everywhere. They attacked you.

They attacked those of us who believe in strong communities that result from decentralizing power. They attacked those of us who know the Constitution is clear on the role of the government in our lives. They attacked the local leaders and grassroots activists that believe in hard work, integrity and personal responsibility.

June 24, 2014 was not the date of the ending of our campaign. It was the beginning.

Conservatives across Mississippi have come together since that day in ways big and small. They have organized groups to address local issues, to train volunteers and candidates, and to train citizens on how government works. 

They have done this because they know that now is the time for us to begin healing our republic. They know that the political class have gathered power, have regulated away many of our freedoms, and have exempted themselves from the burdens they place on everyday citizens. 

Since the end of my run for U.S. Senate, I have brought together the best team of true conservative leaders in Mississippi. We have debated, planned and organized. 

And now we are ready.

We have put together Mississippi’s first truly member led political action committee, an organization poised to be the single best resource for Conservatives looking to win back their state and country, city by city, county by county.

All we need now, is you.

UCF will bring together all that is good and right about the Conservative movement, fiscal conservatives, social conservatives and libertarians, to promote a positive agenda. We are prepared to work together, united, to change leadership and to revitalize our communities, our state and our country. 

We begin that revitalization right here, right now. 

Will you get involved? Will you continue our fight? Or will you one day face your children and grandchildren and tell them you were there when the greatest country in human history was suffocated by greed and power?

If you are ready to work, if you are ready to lead, if you are ready to unite, join me and become a member of the United Conservatives Fund today.

In liberty,


Chris McDaniel